Our beautiful Angel, is one of our treasured foundation Persians. She has an ideal Persian "Doll Face" and an extremely sweet personality. 

Although this page is the place to see pictures of the moms and dads of our current kittens,  we will also be adding a section to honor our retired Persians, such as Angel,  for their fundamental contribution to  our breeding program. It took them to get where we are today. 

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made everything beautiful in it's time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.


Our sweet boy, Aslan, reminds me of a child's adorable stuffed toy animal, the kind with the big sparkly eyes. He is very well behaved and is a pleasure to have around. His personality is quiet, easy going, mellow and gentle. We did not raise Aslan here and, unfortunately, he was left home alone too much while growing up because of his first dad's work schedule, which left him a little shy. The only fortunate part is, because of his dad's work schedule, we were able to bring our pretty boy back home. He is a little bit older than Shiloh but doesn't mind letting Shiloh be the boss. Their names should actually have been reversed. Aslan's name comes from C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia book and movie series. Many of the situations and characters in the stories are based on the Bible. The Lion in the stories is named Aslan and represents Jesus. Aslan weighs 7.5 lbs and is a seal point himalayan Persian, but carries all the dilute color-points such as, chocolate, lilac and blue. His tail even has some swirls of chocolate throughout it. His large expressive eyes are a nice deep blue. He is fathering his first litters of kittens this year and we are very pleased so far. Pictures shown are at various ages and with hair cut or without.

20201023_165855 Aslan.png



20200520_170127 shiloh.png
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All the parents of our kittens are health tested to ensure healthy babies! DNA PKD Tested Negative and FeLV and FIV Tested Negative



Prince of Peace. Handsome boy, Shiloh, displays the confidence of a king. He is our striking blue eyed white alpha male who would swagger if cats could do that. Shiloh has produced several blue eyed white Persian kittens with his impeccable outgoing personality. He is the epitome of the “curious cat”  and is not afraid to meet new people. He is a very loving boy to his human family, a suave casanova to the girls and a great dad who enjoys visiting his kittens. If Shiloh were human, he would definitely participate in  extreme sports. When he plays he is a serious competitor. The laser light befuddles him but he will snatch hand held wand toys right outa your hand and triumphantly carry away his prize. He has the charm of his father, Elliot, and an of ounce of daredevil whimsy like his mother, Snow. Both of Shiloh’s parents can be seen and read about on this page. Shiloh’s parents or grandparents are PKD negative, which means that Shiloh does not produce this dreaded kidney disease. Our Senior Suave Shiloh has fathered several litters so far and we are tickled pink with his little blue eyed bundles of joy. Shiloh is 7.5 lbs. The pictures of Shiloh here are taken at various ages.

20200823_211629  shiloh.png
20200520_170409 shiloh (1).png
20191119_091327 shiloh.png


Our sweet little, Misty, is the kindest, gentlest soul. She is seriously the most laid back cat in our family. Misty is a smaller Persian, weighing 6 lbs. She is a himalayan Persian with beautiful soft blue-cream points and pretty blue eyes! She is a wonderful mother, and often cleans and feeds the other mom's kittens as well as her own. She even "mothers" the moms too, by cleaning their faces.  She is a very trusting cat who won't move out of your way when you're walking for anything. And not because she just doesn't care , like most cats.😸 Misty just seems oblivious to your need to pass by and she has absolutely no fear of being stepped on. She just looks up at you and batts those big blue eyes and you can't get too mad at her. She has had her 2nd litter recently and she has the sweetest and prettiest little babies.   

20190910_131032misty (1).png



Sultry Sophie with her dark velvet mask and azure blue eyes has a classic seal point coloration. I love her dark velvety mittens. Sophie weighs about 6 3/4 lbs. And she is a fertile myrtle, delivering 7 kittens in her 2nd litter. Fortunately another mother was also nursing her litter and could help her out. Sophie is a sweetheart, especially if you have food. We have several beggars amongst us, but she is the most persistent. It isn't like she doesn't have cat food, she want's what we're having. Sophie is an excellent mother and tends to her kittens very diligently. Pictures are shown at various ages and with or with out her hair cut. 



Drawing of Fox


Drippin in Sass n Lace is her name and looking lovely is her game. With her soft, minky boots and suave, swooshy tail, Sassy flashes her cool blue eyes through an equally soft, minky mask as she lays adorning the furniture which is her specialty. Foxy lady, Sassy, is about 6 lbs and has a beautiful doll face, so no tearing. And her fur is silky and soft, requiring minimal care. She carries dilute color-points and her first litter of kittens are so beautiful and dreamy. 

DSC05882Sassy (1).png



Like a soft cloud of dandelion fluff, our little Dandelion reminds me of a warm summer's day. Her cool, aqua blue eyes are like deep refreshing pools of  spring water. And her personality fits her looks. She is cool and quiet like a hidden spring. A little bashful,  she warms up in her own time. She is a great mother and purrs very loudly to express her love of being a mom. Dande, like all the cats, really enjoys watching the birds and squirrels flitting and scampering in the flower gardens outside the windows and screen room. She is creature of habit and has her places to nap such as the homemade "log holding" stool by the fireplace. Dande weighs just over 6.5 lbs. She has a beautiful Doll Face, soft aqua blue eyes and a  silky, easy to care for coat. She is a beauty just to look at. Her kittens have been predominantly  Himalayan marked and all white with blue and aqua blue eyes.

20151024_152216dande (1).png