Every good and perfect gift is from above... James 1:17

On this page I have gathered pictures of our Purr Epiphany  adult Persians doing what they do all around the house, which is almost anything they want 😸. I also have included pictures of our past little ones here, at their birth home, as well as some pictures of them in their furever homes sent to me by their new families. I hope you enjoy!

Our cats and kittens love to rest and nap in the window sills. They take in the sun and gaze at the birds and butterflies outside our windows. I love gardening, so we have a lot of flowers, bird feeders and baths. Our cats have full access to a screened back porch for their sunbathing, lizard hunting and outdoor time. Inside dad loves to play with them with his lazer light and his fishing pole. He teases the cats with the pole and says all he ever catches is cat fish. The kitties are free to lounge on the beds, couches and tables. They pretty much have it made. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Pictures Taken Around The House

Some of Our PastKittens

Dad playing with the kittens
3 kittens playing with Dad
I love mornings
JJ sleeps like his daddy (Haley)
Sheldon & Angelina (Angel)
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Some of Our Past Kittens

Our KittensIn Their New Homes

Salt (Sebastian)
Salt is a very loved Persian kitten
Salt (Sebastian)
Salt was given along with the engagement ring to the bride to be.
White Doll face Persian, Salt
Salt (Sebastian) and his new parents
White doll face Persian blue eyes
Salt (Sebastian)
Daisy and Lily
White Persians
Daisy and Lily
Beautiful white persian kittens
Lily and Daisy
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