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By the Word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth. Psalm 33:6

A PurrEpiphany kitten

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  • Our kittens are raised in our home from birth until you take them home

  • Our kittens' parents are our pets and are here for you to meet

  • Our kittens' parents are FeLV , FIV and PKD tested negative 

  • Our kittens are vet checked and have their Florida health certificates

    We are blessed to be producing sweet, gorgeous Persian kittens for the discriminating buyer who, because of their good judgement and fine taste, will realize the value and beauty of our exceptional kittens.  The discriminating buyer need look no further. We aim to deliver.

    Our buyers are those who want a beautiful representative of the lovely Persian cat breed and have done their homework.  Discriminating buyers are those who expect attention to be paid to detail and conscientious care to be taken at every measure to ensure they will receive a happy, healthy new family member for many years to come. 

    Our new kitten families are those who expect  a clean, well taken care of kitten. They will see the value in obtaining a kitten who has been introduced to the grooming that will be a necessary part of their Persian cat life. Our new kitten families are astute and will appreciate that the parents of their new kitten have been health tested for PKD which is a genetic kidney disease that can cut the life expectancy of their new baby down to 2-7 years of age, not to mention the suffering of all involved. 

    Our insightful new kitten family would take comfort in knowing that their kitten has been handled, kissed and loved on since birth, thereby imprinting on the kitten human touch and scent. This technique, known as "imprinting", must take place immediately after birth and continue. It has been shown to enhance and ensure the bonds  animals will have with their future human families. Our babies are also introduced to our small dogs and the sights and sounds of our home environment during these first impressionable weeks. This early introduction of various stimuli will also help ease the kitten's transition from our home to yours. No scaredy cats here.

Our discerning buyer would be pleased to know that their kitten will be protected from injury and disease by limiting the kitten's chances of exposure. Exposure to injury or disease happens when kittens are handled by "unsafe" humans or taken to "unsafe" environments, which includes potential kitten buyers who may, unknowingly, transmit disease from one home, shelter, pet store or cattery to another on their clothing, shoes, skin etc. as they shop for their new family member. As one of our new kitten families, you would be relieved to know that, before you take your new kitten home from our home, he/she has not been handled by anyone other than us, our approved family members and close friends and our veterinarian. After our kittens have visited their vet and have been vaccinated we do allow them to interact with other approved, friendly people and pets since early socialization is important as well.

    I believe it would encourage a careful buyer to know that I've bred and raised pets as a hobby (puppies, kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs, various small birds...) since I was a little girl and have over 40 years of experience in animal care and husbandry. Over the years I've learned what's important, who to call, when  to call, when to panic...lol, how to relax and enjoy the miracle of the new little precious babies :)). And I'm still learning, btw. Also, take comfort in the fact that I've lived in Brandon since 1973 so I am no 'fly by night, here today, gone tomorrow' breeder. 

    Fastidious buyers will be happy to know that every one of my kittens are born and raised right at my bedside and receive around the clock care the entire time they are here. They are never left unattended since, between mom, dad and I , somebody is always home. Fortunately we are all happy homebodies who never vacation away from home and are very content keeping busy around the house and running errands nearby.

    A discriminating buyer would like the fact that our kittens' parents are first and foremost our very much loved pets and that a loving, happy mommy cat will project that love and sense of security onto her kittens. Because we have a small family of cats (currently 8 little sweeties, as some are retiring this year) they are able to have free run of our home. They play and romp through the house, lounge on the sofas and recliners, watch us prepare meals from the kitchen counter tops, sun themselves on the back screened porch, nibble cat grass that I keep growing for them at all times, watch birds and squirrels from the window sills and basically run the show here. :)) 

    And lastly, as a new family to one of our kittens, you will be happy to know that we only  feed a high quality kitten food and provide the best  veterinarian care possible.

    In summary, during the very important first weeks of your new family member's life, we offer a clean, healthy, stimulating environment for him or her to learn, play and grow into the most purrrrrfect new member of your family.

Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks so much and God Bless!

Our cats and kittens love to rest and nap in the window sills. They take in the sun and gaze at the birds and butterflies outside our windows. I love gardening so we have lotsa flowers and a couple bird feeders and baths.

More pictures to be added as time allows